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Drew Estate sells to Swisher Inc.

Yes, the makers of the most popular plastic tipped cigarillos has acquired Drew Estate, outright. We saw this coming for a while and while it is nice that a couple of guys built an empire and then cashed out is nice to hear outside of the tech industry, the details of the deal aren’t public yet, I’m sure everyone did very well.  We all saw this coming with ACID cigars showing up at gas station checkouts and Liga’s and Herrera Esteli available to every online discount blowout website.


It wasn’t long ago, about (2) years, that we requested to buy some Ligas from Drew Estate directly.  We where told that we could not get them.  In sort of a nebulous world revolving around cronyism and  buying power, some shops got Liga, some didn’t.  Then, Drew Estate legitimized the process of getting Ligas and subsequently Herrera’s cigars.  It was something that sounded like, 40 facings and (x) amount of dollars a year.  This was a move that appeared to be directed at leveling the playing field for sought after and much hyped cigars.


We gather some shops took this opportunity to buy into Drew Estates new distribution scheme.  Oddly, Ligas and Herrera’s starting showing up online for 10% over MSRP.  Where did this leave the shops who thought they would have an exclusive arraignment to procure the Ligas?


High and Dry.


Any cigar enthusiast knows there are plenty of great sticks to be had and distributors that want your business.  We seek them each week and we find them.  Can anyone spare a box of t52’s?

Warped Cigars in North Carolina

We are the only authorized dealer currently  of Warped Cigars in North Carolina.  We look ahead of the hype and bring in start-up producing top class products.  We hope more and more shops in NC decide to carry Warped Cigars, we wouldn’t ask for an exclusive or tell the brand owners they are going to cheapen their brand if they sell to other shops?  Why?  Easy, good cigars should be shared not horded.



We brought in the EL OSO and La Colmena lines.  Lanceros and small ring gauges highlight these brands complex flavor.  The cigars present well on the shelf with small, minimalist bands and boxes.



Let’s keep it real.  They sell swag on their site which is expensive and rather hokey.  It’s not affecting the quality of the sticks they make and they dont spend a ton of money on the boxes and labels which is a good thing.  We have all smoked cigars with a band so large and elaborate that it leaves us wondering what better tobacco they could have bought had they chilled out on the label (think Gurkha and Camacho)……but not here.



A tiny label lets the cigar present itself, its not hiding and that’s a good thing for all serious smokers.



Teaming up with  El Titan de Bronze and Casa Fernandez has made these guys appear to be a band owner company.  Certainly not a vertical company at this point but what we know about them is that they love tobacco, cigars and cigar culture.  Kyle Gellis, the owner of Warped cigars, has invested into the cigar culture and we love what he has done from packaging, to vitolas.

We have received phone calls from all over the country inquiring about these cigars.  They will sell-out quickly so come get yours today at the Triads ONLY proper cigar lounge.  Twin City Cigar Company, LLC.


Tierra Volcan Review

Tierra Volcan

Vitola: Clasico (Robusto Extra)

Ring Gauge: 50

Length: 5 ½”



The Dirt: As the newest line from Mombacho Cigars, the Tierra Volcan is a Nicaraguan puro which debuted at the IPCPR trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada in July 2014.



Pre-light: The first thing I notice about the Tierra Volcan is how tightly it’s rolled. It feels heavy for a cigar of its size, and there is absolutely no give when I squeeze. The wrapper is moderately vainy with no tooth, and a basic, flat tobacco brown.





Once cut, I take a nice big pre-light draw. Man, this thing is tight! After a couple minutes of (very carefully!) rolling it between my fingers and a cut slightly further down the head, it’s finally loose enough to puff on without turning purple. Time to light up.



First Third: Upon firing up, the first thing I notice is a nice chocolaty taste and aroma. Not of cocoa powder, but slightly sweet – like quality milk chocolate. The smoke volume isn’t terribly thick, but it’s more than enough to satisfy. It’s quite interesting, really. You might as well be eating Swiss chocolate, because this cigar leaves an unbelievable mouthwatering, savory feeling on the palate.



That being said, there is a certain “emptiness” that is just begging to be filled. This cigar is a Nicaraguan puro. Where’s the coffee and spice we’ve come to know and love?



Second Third: Ok, so the ash fell off a bit early. I could care less, though, because it’s full steam ahead from here on out! Each puff delivers a nice shot of espresso which yields to a great finish of chocolate and cream. Sure, it doesn’t pack the punch of some of the Nicaraguan kings. But it doesn’t need to. It’s got just enough “oomph” to balance out the sweet finish.



Final Third: As I continue smoking the Tierra Volcan, the chocolate and cream finish fades to that of strong, black tea. Perhaps not so much in flavor, but in the puckering of the mouth – very similar to that of a dry wine. This bitterness grows stronger and stronger until finally, I decide I’m done.



The Nitty Gritty: The Tierra Volcan is certainly one of the most interesting cigars I’ve ever smoked. Though the draw was tighter than what I prefer, the cigar made up for it in sheer uniqueness. It’s not a powerhouse, but then again, it never claims to be. It’s got a great flavor profile and awesome balance. Besides, in a world dominated by Nicaraguan kings, perhaps there’s room for a queen.