Come Smoke With Us!

Winston Salem’s OWN cigar is now available at Twin City Cigars

The Little Pisan
It is here. The first 500 cigars of this limited run are in the house and resting for a month. Many of you have sampled these cigars and I believe they speak for themselves.


Once these 500 cigars are gone, we will move to the Serie B in the LP line and also launch the new line under the La Famiglia Line, the Concietta, which will feature a Connecticut shade wrapper and a dynamic blend of tobaccos to provide a mild-medium bodied smoke with FULL complexity.


This La Famiglia line of cigars will be featured in select shops around the state.


Furthermore, we will launch the Concietta at our Grand Opening of our New Shop which will be located at the corner of 6th Street and Vine Street in Downtown Winston Salem. We anticipate a Fall opening.





Premium Cigars Coming to Downtown Winston Salem

We are opening a shop right in the heart of Down Town Winston Salem.  We will be located on the 6th and Trade Street.  This is an ideal location due to it’s proximity of anchor establishments in the Downtown Area.  We will have a 100 sq foot Spanish Cedar lined walk-in humidor and offer the best cigars to the Downtown Winston Salem market.


It’s an exciting time and we have had plans to open a remote shop in the area for a while.  The space will be built to suite our needs and will feature glass wall street frontage and a canopy.  We hope to cultivate the cigar culture in Downtown Winston Salem and find it an appropriate location because of the deep history of tobacco this city has.



Cigar Lounge Culture

After 2 years of brisk business and over 70 members we have learned a few lessons.


“Idle Hands are the Devils Workshop”


Many lounge dwellers,  maybe 10 percent, are 4-6 days a week customers.  These folks have a valuable commodity , time.  They choose to spend a large portion of time at the lounge, talking with other members and customers.  As you can imagine conversations start to recycle, themes present themselves and each customer reacts to these trends differently.  As a member of a cigar lounge, one should be an advocate for the shop and the lounge.  It is a privilege to smoke indoors these days and hard work for any shop owner to maintain a robust and entertaining environment.


Many shop owners choose to avoid providing a lounge for members to smoke in as the pitfalls are plentiful and possibly detrimental.  Much like a bar with it’s regulars, shop owners must REGULATE its members to ensure a good mix of personalities and behavior.  Each cigar lounge has its own unique culture and the onus is on the member to determine if that particular culture is right for him or her.


“Boundaries Define Behavior”



The shop owner alone determines what behavior is acceptable and what is not in the lounge.  Having a membership that is invested in the shop allows for open dialogue between owners and members.  Without communication and boundary setting there can be no expectations related to a members lounge experience and his or her level of ownership in the lounge.


Much like herding cats, keeping a smooth lounge operating is quite a task.  We have identified several different types of lounge members.


The Working Professional.


This person comes to the lounge several times a week and is looking for a break from the rigor of the corporate or other business world.  They tend to appreciate the facility at face value and aren’t necessarily there to forge new relationships that move outside the lounge.  Generally, they utilize minimal resources and tend to shy away from caustic conversations.  They simply want a place to enjoy a premium cigar.


The Retired Professional.



This person may spend up to 30 hours a week at the lounge.  The retired lounge members is looking to forge new relationships ,enjoy the amenities of the lounge and are often more likely to wade into caustic conversations.  Time is on their side and they choose to spend their after work lives smoking cigars and contributing to the cigar culture.  Without the daily stimulus of work and all the human interaction that comes with it, the retired lounge member yearns for person to person stimulus.  Perhaps this is a way for this type of member to feel relevant in the world as retirement can often be mundane and this is especially true for new retirees.


We will continue this conversation with a few more lounge types and then look at the benefits and challenges associated with each type.  More important we will investigate the impact on the lounge culture when a members experiences strife and how he or she reacts to such.