Come Smoke With Us!

The sticks we loved in 2014


Leaf by Oscar (all of them)


Chapter II (LFD)


Regius White Label (Regius Cigars)


New World (AJ Fernandez)


Debonaire Cigars


Las Calaveras – Edición Limitada 2014 (Crowned Heads)


Guayacan Cigars (House of Emilio)


Cordoba And Morales 19th Hole (Cordoba And Morales)


Wilson Adams Sumatra (Wilson Adams)


Nica Rustica (Drew Estate)


Flor De Valle (Warped Cigars)


RoMa Craft Tobac Cigars (all of them)



Cigars and the Culture of Smoking

Two years into our social experiment of owning a cigar lounge, we realize there is indeed an under served market for men and women to socialize without the pressures of going to a bar or church gathering or support group.  Where do men go to relax and talk with other men about issues they care about?


Frankly, many times men don’t want to talk but they just want to chill and smoke a cigar.   Perhaps read the newspaper or watch a ball game.  Maybe, he wants to watch a movie and enjoy a smoke.  Cigars and Pipes are a gateway for men to relax.  It is as if the man is looking for an excuse or a way to spend a few hours enjoying something without the distractions of the job, world, family or news.  The man who makes this time for himself also appreciates himself as a man, living in the world, but has not lost his individuality.  Our culture is geared to strip a man of his identity and mold him into an automated shell of what he once was.


Read History of Smoking Here


The man, who refuses to be molded enjoys a cigar.  He takes the time to take care of his mind.  Many women have been doing this for years in the shape of manicure, pedicure and shopping.  It is nice to see men taking care of their mind by enjoying a cigar in a private settings.  We truly believe smoking cigars help bring about world peace.



There is our text for the week.



HR Cigars in Winston Salem, NC

Twin City Cigars, LLC is proud to announce our partnership with Cubanacan Cigars and HR Cigars.



Cubanacan Cigars carries a great core line from Connecticut, Habano and Maduro cigars.


They also carry the smooth  Soneros line.  HR cigars are special.  Read about them here.



We are currently, again the only distributor in the Triad.



Come check one out.