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Trill Cigars North Carolina!

Villiger, (not Villager) is an old brand with massive market share in Europe.


They sell a ton of the $1 sticks  at the checkouts of many shops.  They have waded into the US market with Fabian Barrantes and have used their tremendous buying power and ages of experience to craft some special cigars.


The newest offerings are Trill Cigars, KREME Cigars and the Cabarette Maduro Cigars lines.  Like Camacho Cigars, Villiger hired a new marketing team and is in the game big time with these newest releases.  Come try them out and let us know what you think.  


You wont be disappointing.  


Check out Coops review HERE.


Trill Cigars North Carolina




Pinar del Rio Oscuro Lancero

We carry a ton of Lancero cigars.  This is a true cigar aficionados vitola.  You simply get more of the wrapper leaf in relation to the filler cigar leaf.  The wrapper is where, in the US market, they say 75% of the flavor comes from.


Some have argued that a Habano imparts 45% of the flavor from the wrapper while the filler leaf, being of higher quality,  imparts the bulk of the flavor.  Im sure that argument will rage on for a while.


Who cares.  As long as the stick is tasty, burns right and isn’t bombarded with chemicals, we are happy.   Come try out this beauty from PDR, which, like most of their sticks, is priced right and of very high quality.  Come enjoy this cigar in Winston Salem’s only cigar lounge, Twin City Cigar Company!


PDR Cigars North Carolina



My Father La Antiguedad in North Carolina

So Pepin comes out with a new stick.


Game changer? No.


Exclusive, limited? Nah.  Did we ask for a 120 mile distribution lock down (God I funny). No.


But it is a great cigar. Imagine the Flor de las Antillas with an extra leaf of ligero and a spicier wrapper. The packaging is similar and the cigars are, as what we ave come to expect from Pepin, perfectly constructed. Come taste one today and let us know what you think.


Twin City Cigars offer My Father Cigars, Don Pepin and Jamie Garcia Cigars.


My Father Cigars North Carolina